Sustainable Farming

“Sustainability empowers justice, security
and ultimately, happiness”

- Miguel Reynolds Brandao, author of the Sustainable Organisation

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 750 million people live in poverty on less than $1 per day and rely on agriculture to survive, while two thirds of the population depend on farming for their livelihood. In Tanzania, agriculture represents some 30 percent of GDP and 67 percent of total employment (2014). With growth in crop production outstripping that of the region as a whole, the agricultural sector in Tanzania has never been more important.

At Obtala, we insist on sustainable farming, with particular focus on soil and water, the two core elements of agriculture where we can make a clear positive impact.

We have adopted systems with a focus on preserving biodiversity, natural resource management and soil fertility improvement based on sound ecological principles. Production has been enhanced without the use of industrially produced chemical fertilizers and tilling, which leads to soil erosion.

Water resources and usage is key to sustainable farming and we are working to optimise irrigation and management, ensuring adequate drainage.

The community, its health and safety are core values for Obtala: We offer farmer-centered technical training, also supporting women in agriculture.

Technological advances have been introduced, where they contribute significantly to efficiency and sustainability, but largely rely on traditional farming methods. Our ethos is to be profitable and efficient in the short term, while ensuring the land remains fertile and productive for future generations.

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