Morogoro Farms

Our vertically integrated horticultural business model, provides access to high margins and high revenue.

The farming operations are concentrated close to Morogoro in Tanzania, with reliable transport access, and some 1,700 hectares of land operated under long term leases and located only 230km by tarmac roads from export port facility at Dar es Salaam.

From Dar es Salaam shipping and air-cargo routes worldwide are readily available, including key export markets of Europe, the Middle East and Regional African markets.

We focus on irrigated horticultural production to ensure year-round output and revenue, while additional on-site facilities such as our fruit and vegetable dehydrator and the processing house allow us to maintain control of production and maximize revenue.

Obtala’s farming activities are modern and fully accredited with the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) certificate, with its associated fiscal benefits and incentives.

We adhere strictly to international standards, with both Global GAP, and BRC certifications, awarded to the business. We are also a proud and active Member of the Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA)

Our Morogoro Farms are run by a strong and highly experienced management team which has taken the facility to a leading-edge operation.

With farmlands extending to 1,730 hectares, the Farms have developed a process of ensuring a stream of year-round crops and produce: Up to 4 crops per year per hectare are rotated in this way.

Further land lease opportunities are available to support our strong agri-processing hub.

Production of traditional fruit and vegetables are rotated with crops such as butternuts, onions, garlic, peppers, sweet potato, melons, cabbages, chills and French beans.

The Morogoro fruit production includes pineapples, mangos and bananas, which lend themselves to both the fresh and dried fruit market, with cold processing, storage and drying facilities all on-site.

A maiden crop of 1200 tons of melons and butternuts are scheduled for dispatch throughout H2 2016, while a substantial fruit tree orchard for long term sustainable production is in the process of being planned.

We are seeing strong demand from the Middle East for fresh vegetables following the recent Dubai and Berlin exhibitions.

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