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The Tanzanian farming operations are concentrated close to Morogoro covering 1,735 hectares, with the addition of the 195-hectare Magole Farm acquired in June 2017. A further 9,875 hectares of farmland has been secured in Mozambique for future development.

The farms benefit from reliable transport access, are operated under long term leases and located only 230km by tarmac roads from export port facility at Dar es Salaam.

From Dar es Salaam shipping and air-cargo routes worldwide are readily available, including key export markets of Europe, the Middle East and Regional African markets.

We focus on irrigated horticultural production to ensure year-round output and revenue, while additional on-site facilities such as our fruit and vegetable dehydrator, cold storage and the processing- and pack-house ensure quality produce, minimise wastage and maximise revenue.

Obtala, on behalf of Montara, has signed a Letter of Intent to invest $10m over 5 years to develop farming in Tanzania through the Grow Africa project. Grow Africa is a partnership founded jointly by the African Union (AU), the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) and the World Economic Forum. Our commitment is to Grow Africa, which promotes multi-stakeholder collaboration to advance private sector investment aligned to the Government of Tanzania’s agricultural development objectives and investment priorities identified by the country-led Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP).

Obtala’s farming activities are modern and fully accredited with the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) certificate, with its associated fiscal benefits and incentives.

We adhere strictly to international standards, with both Global GAP, and BRC certifications, awarded to the business. We are also a proud and active Member of the Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA)

Our farms are run by a strong and highly experienced management team which has taken the facility to a leading-edge operation.

The Farms have developed a process of ensuring a stream of year-round crops and produce: Up to 4 crops per year per hectare are rotated in this way. Further land lease opportunities are available to support our strong agri-processing hub.

Production currently focuses on cash crops, particularly melons with strong demand from the local African markets and the Middle East, while longer shelf-life butternut squash are sold to the European market. Together, these generate near-term yield while facilitating the planting of longer-maturity, superior-yield fruit orchards, including mangoes in particular. Feasibility studies are underway to extend this to avocado, cashew, pomegranate, cocoa and banana plantations.

Food Processing and Packaging

  • Vertically integrated food processing operations, with produce supplied from own farms and selected contract farmers
  • Fully operational fruit and vegetable drying and packaging facilities in Tanzania
  • Certified to international food safety standards
  • Export Processing Zone (EPZ) certificate awarded with associated fiscal benefits and incentives
  • Building and enhancing our “Farm-to-Fork” business model with a “Mama Jo’s” branded product line
  • Completed a major investment in a large scale continuous fruit processing line
  • Cold and dry storage facilities on site

Montara Farm Team

Graham Impey

Head of Agriculture (Tanzania) Graham Impey has been farming for nearly 30 years having worked in a number of African countries, and has a strong background in export orientated horticulture and pack-house management

Martin Collins

Chairman and CEO. Martin started his career in the City with Tullett & Tokyo, Futures and Options, with 5 years in London, Tokyo and Singapore respectively from 1985-2000, the final 5 years as Managing Director and CEO of Tullett Futures Asia. On returning to the UK, he spent 12 years with Natsource Europe Limited, originating and structuring many of the world’s first Emission Reduction Transactions based on UNFCCC rules within the Kyoto Protocol. Natsource managed in excess of $1.2bn specifically targeting the emissions market arena. Throughout his time as Managing Director, CEO and Main Board member of Natsource, Martin travelled extensively in Asia and Africa sourcing suitable projects for investment. Since 2014 he has managed his family-owned investment fund.

Carnel Geddes

CFO. Based in South Africa, Carnel is a chartered accountant and certified fraud examiner, dually qualified in the UK and South Africa. She is an elected board member and director of the leading South African pomegranate farm company, Pomona, since 2008.

Carnel honed her expertise in all key areas of accountancy and audit during a 15-year career at BDO, the global audit, tax and advisory group, culminating as director, forensic services, of BDO London and partner of BDO Cape Town. She brings invaluable knowledge of the international as well as the African markets, with the highest financial qualifications

Sophie Hunter

Sophie Hunter is Head of Sales and Logistics for Obtala’s operation in Tanzania. She has a strong accounting background having begun her career working for a bulge bracket accountancy firm. She combines this with her extensive knowledge of agricultural operations and logistics in sub-Saharan Africa along with her network of contacts developed while managing sales and distribution for a South African agricultural operation.

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