Mission Statement

"To take the lead in the sustainable commercialization in Sub-Saharan Africa of two of the world's most in demand and diminishing natural resources, arable land and forestry. To pursue every opportunity to move up the agriculture and forestry value chain, in partnership with key stakeholders, contributing to long term economic and social development in the markets we operate in.”

We do this because…

  • It is the right thing to do.
  • We strive to be responsible guardians of the community, the land, water, forests and wildlife.
  • It makes good business sense. Enriching the local community bonds us with our host country ensuring a strong partnership even in times of stress.
  • Our long-term methodology attracts ethical investors and we enjoy a higher valuation and broader access to funding.

Corporate Strategy

  • Realise shareholder value by bringing our substantial asset base into full production
  • Work with local communities to achieve corporate goals whilst enriching the society within our areas of operation
  • Ensure sustainable and ethical business practices
  • Enhance shareholder value through organic growth, partnerships and transactions in timber and agriculture
  • Strategically invest in cash generative value-added opportunities, creating synergy for existing business lines
  • Maintain a disciplined asset and cost base
  • Engage with respected and established local partners in the processes of evaluation and project development

Miles Pelham

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